2003 Philanthropist, Jean Vollum

An Oregon treasure widely recognized for her many contributions to education, culture, humanities and natural resources, Jean Vollum and her husband, Howard Vollum, were responsible for some of the most architecturally significant sites and buildings in Oregon. From the filbert orchard on which the beautiful Oregon College of Art & Craft now resides to the building of Alvar Aalto’s Mount Angel Abbey Library, Oregonian’s have been blessed by the Vollums’ vision and generosity. Jean’s foresight created the nation’s first LEED Gold-rated historic restoration, the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center (known by many as the home of EcoTrust). PSU’s Native American Student and Community Center was dedicated this fall through Jean’s leadership. Jean Vollum, made it possible for future generations to experience the best in the architecture of our time while she furthered the important missions of the institutions those buildings house.