2006 Bob Gerding

Bob Gerding was widely known for his contributions to Oregon’s built environment as one of the state’s leading developers. But, those who knew Bob well also know that for him, the emphasis was on ‘contribution’ more than on ‘developer’. For while Bob relished putting deals together, adding to the skyline and realizing financial success as much as anyone, the things that really got his engine running were the very things for which we celebrated him:

– The vision he held, conveyed and pursued in his work, as well as in his volunteer and philanthropic activities
– The leadership he showed — whether pursuing sustainability or championing a vital arts and cultural life
– The community he created — both physically and spiritually — that makes our state a better place for all of us.

And, perhaps above all, his passion for everything he undertook, be it the development of complex neighborhoods or the engagement of a rainbow trout. Bob just didn’t do anything halfway — or even three-quarters of the way. He was all in, devouring information, becoming an expert, and doing his absolute best at everything.