Look Around

There is no place like here.

look afo‘s LOOK AROUND campaign was a rather Christo-like project designed to expose Portland to the art of her own built environment by wrapping her in larger-than-life images of her architectural treasures. These wrappings took the form of scrims wrapping a construction site, or buses wrapped to appear as though they were moving buildings.

The walking guide, features the buildings that comprise the LOOK AROUND photo collection. All of the photos are the product of renowned Northwest photographer C. Bruce Forster.

Download the LOOK AROUND Guide — your personal map to 41 buildings, a sampling of Bruce Forster’s LOOK AROUND collection, incorporating a downtown/northwest tour and two shorter close-in eastside tours.

Download Look Around Guide

Download Look Around Architecture Family Guide

Lamar bus-DSC_0098

We hope LOOK AROUND will help you see what you walk past everyday without seeing. To help you think about the impact on your life made by the buildings in which you live, work, learn, worship and play each and every day.