Even if we were born with an appreciation for the built environment, and most of us aren’t, we would still need to be reminded to notice and appreciate its impact upon our lives, and, sometimes, our souls. Our grants program is another way we help do that. Since 1992, afo has awarded more than $330,000 in direct grants to organizations and individuals throughout Oregon who share our interest in the built environment. We have typically awarded three to seven grants each year in the range of $1,000 to $5,000, to individuals and organizations whose passion and vision contributes to Oregon’s designed environment.

AaltLIB4In its most recent Strategic Plan, the afo Board of Directors recognized that we cannot continue to award grants from operating revenues. We are working to build the Architecture Foundation of Oregon Endowment Fund at The Oregon Community Foundation to provide revenue to resume an annual grant-making program. Any changes to this program will be announced in our monthly e-newsletter. You can subscribe to our newsletter here.