Van Evera Bailey Application Process


Eligibility for the Fellowship is flexible. Favorable emphasis will be given to applicants who are licensed architects with practices based in Oregon, and who are at a point of inflection in their career. A strong emphasis will be on experienced professionals in architecture and directly related fields. The intention of the Fellowship is to provide time for creativity, reflection, and a pursuit of deeper understanding of ideas that will result in lasting value to the applicant, the profession and the greater community.

Applicants may apply jointly for a Van Evera Bailey Fellowship. For example, if an architect and an urban planner see potential for an innovative project that requires unusual research, they might apply jointly for stipends or support of travel and other expenses in order to examine relevant work in other communities, states, or countries; consult with professional peers and leading thinkers; formulate detailed plans; and produce articles or public education programs.

Current members of the board of AFO are not eligible to apply or to receive Fellowship funds indirectly as a partner in a proposed project.


Van Evera Bailey Fellowship application deadline: 5:00pm, Friday, September 8, 2017 (2018 deadline to be announced early Summer 2018)
Download the 2017 Van Evera Bailey Fellowship Request for Proposals and information here: 2017 VEB INVITATION FOR PROPOSALS

Interested applicants must submit electronically a PDF copy of the following:

(1) A letter of up to four pages describing the proposed fellowship, clearly outlining:

  • your compelling concept for the Fellowship
  • a documented and proven need to be addressed by the Fellowship
  • the work plan for the Fellowship, including a timetable. (Projects should begin no earlier than January 2018 and be completed within twelve months.)
  • specific budget allocation on how the Fellowship funds will be used
  • the potential impact of the project on the applicant, the profession and the community
  • the proven ability of the applicant to deliver on commitments and self-directed initiatives
  • the achievability of the project’s goals within the funding provided and time allowed
  • innovative plans for dissemination of the project results, i.e., speaking engagements, web-based documentation
  • applicants academic, civic and professional qualifications

(2) Attachments:

  • The resume of the applicant(s)
  • An itemized budget for the entire Fellowship. If other sources of support will be used to complement Bailey Fund support, please identify them and whether they have been secured. IMPORTANT NOTE: The award of a Bailey Fund Fellowship is taxable income. Applicants must plan and budget accordingly.
  • Two or three letters of support from different perspectives which may include other architects, architectural organizations, or representatives of other fields, indicating why the proposed Fellowship is important to the professional community. References should address personal capabilities of the applicant and value of the project.

Entire application should be sent in one PDF file that is no larger than 5 MB to

Optional: Applicants may include a brief portfolio of materials in PDF format that illuminates their work and its relevance to the proposed project. Portfolio must be included with the application in one PDF file that does not exceed 5 MB.

Process and Timetable

Applications will be reviewed by a committee including professional architects in collaboration with OCF and AFO. Applicants may be asked to submit further information or to speak with representatives of OCF and AFO to clarify their proposals. The review committee will make recommendations to the board of the Oregon Community Foundation. OCF reserves the right to approve Bailey Fellowships at its sole discretion. The Bailey Fellowship will be awarded by OCF through the Architecture Foundation of Oregon and will be announced publicly by December 2017.

Invitation for Proposals will be announced by mid-June with a September deadline. The Van Evera Bailey Fellow will be announced by December for the year-long Fellowship period to begin January 1 of the following year.